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Lifespan of devices vary depending on their design. The theoretical lifespan for the device ranges from 30,000-50,000 hours (Please refer to the product spec for further details). With a daily average operating time around 8 hours, the lifespan of the device could be anything between 6 to 8 years.
In the real circumstances though, the actually lifespan may be affected by multiple factors and in rare cases the actual lifespan may fall well below 30,000 hours. However, in those circumstances you may request technical assistance and see whether or not the warranty terms is applicable.

MAXHUB uses different kinds of LCD from LG, AUO, SHARP etc.

The warranty terms vary from your purchase terms. An extended warranty may have been purchased already. Please contact your supplier for further details about your warranty terms and if applicable, file your claims to them.

A wide variety of MAXHUB products may be available in your country/region. For detailed specification, you can contact your local reseller for further details.


Hanging bracket for MAXHUB has been tested in various settings. The bracket and the wall mount are both robust and reliable.
But please make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the device and the installation should be in accordance with our official setup guidance. Our trusted resellers have been properly informed of those protocols and professionally trained. We have not received any report of accidents about mounting yet. However, it is recommended that you inform your supplier in detail the status of the wall as a safety precaution.

Whiteboard & Writing

Uh huh. Actually that is because you have been writing with your FINGERNAIL. Due to the PCAP touch technology on MAXHUB ultimate series, fingernails don’t have capacity big enough to be detected (just like on a mobile phone). Instead, we recommend you touch the panel with the skin on your finger.

Make sure you are writing in the built-in whiteboard on a MAXHUB ultimate series flat panel. The two styli should be in different colours (one of the ring is silver, the other in black). Check if both the styli have enough battery, replace the battery if necessary. If the problem stays unresolved, try restarting the whiteboard app or rebooting the device.

Yes. Both standard and ultimate series feature multiple touch points.
However, in the built-in whiteboard, you can write with one finger only. Multi-finger touch is designed for gesture control like zooming and dragging. On MAXHUB ultimate series interactive flat panels though, you can write in the built-in whiteboard with two EMR styli (electromagnetic pens) at the same time, provided that the two styli are in different colours (colour of the rings in the middle of the pens being different).
In Windows Paint and other whiteboard application though, you may achieve ten points writing at the same time.

MAXHUB is dedicated to simplify your board writing. Multi-finger touch is designed for gesture control like zooming and dragging. You can install other whiteboard applications on a MAXHUB interactive flat panel to allow multi-finger writing.

You can choose to save the meeting minutes to local drive or to send them via email. Please make sure you have successfully setup your outbox in the settings before proceeding to send the files.

Screen Share

Up to 8 dongles are supported in the same time on a MAXHUB interactive flat panel.

Not necessary. Even without external connection, wireless screen sharing is still available for your devices.

A MAXHUB interactive panel could be an extended display for your Windows PC, but not for a Mac
In the screen-share software application, select the "capture expansion screen" function”, then switch the "Options/Capture Expansion Screen" button, the receiver interface will be displayed as an extension screen.

Please update to the latest firmware and PC suite. Contact technical support for guidance.
If the problem still remains, try temporarily disable the firewall or antivirus software.
Launch the task manager to see if the process “MaxhubAirReceiver.exe” is running. If yes, try changing the adapter settings to obtain IP address and DNS address automatically.
If you still fail to resolve the issue, contact technical support.

Please try the following:
Please make sure you have switched on the hotspot of the MAXHUB interactive flat panel;
Update the firmware of MAHXUB interactive flat panel;
Replug the wifi-module, which is on the bottom side of the panel.

APP Store

Click on the web page to download a certain software, click the upper-right button (three points in a row), click "tools", open the relevant download programs, you can open the relevant software in "more"

External Inputs

A VGA cable alone doesn’t transmit audio signals.
Make sure that the audio cable is connected at the same time.
Then, if necessary, go to control panel->Sound->Switch the audio output device to MAXHUB. And please make sure you are actually playing some audio from your device.

Please re-plug the VGA cable, if there is still color cast after re-plug, please replace the VGA cable and try again.

When you use the VGA/HDMI cable, another touch cable is necessary for transmitting touch signals if you want to achieve touch feedback function. Please note that the length of the touch cable shall not exceed 8m.

A button will appear in the lower right corner of the screen when you connect the device to the VGA/HDMI port or Screen-share, tap to select the channel that you wish to switch to.


The MAXHUB interactive flat panel has a built-in Android system that works without a PC module. However, a wifi module is necessary for wireless screen-share and network connection.

Please check if the firmware is updated to the latest version and update the firmware.
Check if the USB network card is set to obtain IP address automatically.
Check if a third party firewall software was installed. Try temporarily disabling the firewall.
Check with the IT engineer if he has set other network limitation or configuration. Temporarily remove the restrictions and have a try.
Check if there is enough storage in the hard drive.

Yes, you can connect the camera, or the microphone to the front USB port of the device, or the USB port on the PC module. The settings window will automatically pop-up when the device detects an external device.

Yes, you may update the system by enable the Windows Update from the Windows service configuration. By default, it is disabled to ensure a stable, uninterrupted experience.
However, please do not UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE the system to another version of Windows system because it may not be compatible.

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