GEELY Holds “Prominent Corporates Summit” with MAXHUB, Exemplifying Industry 4.0 in Automobile Manufacturing

GEELY Holds “Prominent Corporates Summit” with MAXHUB, Exemplifying Industry 4.0 in Automobile Manufacturing

24th Nov 2017, GEELY Group held “2017 Digital Enterprise Summit” in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Alibaba, Huawei, HP were amongst the companies invited to showcase their latest solution for corporate service. As the sole solution provider of meeting room digitalisation for the automobile industry, MAXHUB attracted IT experts and supervisors from multiple companies.

Visualised Data Featured by MAXHUB Digitalisation Solution

MAXHUB interactive flat panel integrates function like data transferring, touch writing, mobile accessibility, remote teleconference, etc. MAXHUB supports various data analysing, office collaboration applications. Through business data gathering, data visualisation is made possible to assist decision making in corporations regarding their daily efficiency.

During the summit, numerous solution providers showcased their app on MAXHUB platform, like virtual automobile manufacture system, Factory PMC Data board, GEELY transparent workshop etc. MAXHUB 4K display with antiglare glass, touch interaction and smart gestures vastly improved the efficiency of the demonstrations.

GEELY—An Example of MAXHUB Assisting “Digital Transformation” of Automobile Manufacturers

As one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles, GEELY introduced MAXHUB data analysing system long ago to boost their management. GEELY had developed its intelligent manufacturing system with lots of robots by its production line. By connecting its devices to the network and collecting data during manufacturing procedures, GEELY achieved digitalised management of manufacturing. Through MAXHUB, data could be displayed on the panel or mobile devices. Teleconference and document sharing is also made available by sharing through the cloud. MAXHUB was proved economical and efficient for its staff working from other cities.

The intelligent collaboration platform completes the digitalised management across GEELY Group’s R&D, customer service departments and helps cooperation with other companies. Aiming to become a flagship in the automobile industry in “Made in China 2025” national programme, GEELY is maximising the value of every aspect of its current business.

GEELY, and other corporation digitalisation solution providers have been helping boost the self-drive in manufactures through innovation. With programmes like Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025, we believe there will be more companies starting to adapt to the era of information shortly by establishing cooperation with cross-industry partners and become leaders in the wave of manufacturing upgrade.

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